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Why advertise with the St. Augustine Catholic Magazine?

Here are some quick facts:
The St. Augustine Catholic magazine reaches out to 50,000+ households throughout the Diocese of St. Augustine.
The Diocese of St. Augustine was officially established in 1870 but our roots date back to 1565 when the first Mass was celebrated and the first permanent parish was established.
The regional territory of the diocese is comprised of 17 counties of Northeast and North Central Florida stretching from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean.
Currently the diocese has 52 parishes and 9 mission churches; 33 Catholic schools, 2 Catholic hospitals, 1 nursing home, 1 retreat center, 6 campus ministries and about 50 diocesan outreach ministries.

Circulation & Readership
The St. Augustine Catholic magazine is mailed to 50,000+ Catholic households in the 17-county area of the Diocese of St. Augustine.
Our readership is about 140,000 readers per issue, not including pass-along readership.
96% of our readers say they read the magazine, with 61% of the readers indicating they read it more than once during the month.
We are the second largest Catholic monthly in the southeastern U.S. and the largest faith and family values magazine in Florida.
About 70% of our readers live and work in the Jacksonville and Beaches area of the diocese. We also have large Catholic populations in the St. Augustine-Palm Coast and Gainesville areas.
We can deliver high quality consumers to your door.
Our advertising to editorial ratio is no more than 25% advertising to 75% editorial. That means your ad won’t get lost in a clutter of advertisements – your ad will be read.
In addition to the printed version of the magazine, our new digital edition, as well as apps for the iPhone and iPad, provide hyperlinks to email addresses and websites for your company or organization at no additional charge – visit

Demographics of a Catholic Reader
• On the subject of demographics, Catholics consume more of just about everything when compared with the general public.
• They are 2.5 times more likely to take vacations of more than 100 miles from home.
• The St. Augustine Catholic appeals to all ages: 49% (60 years and older) and 51% (59 years or younger).
• More than half of our readers have household incomes that exceed $50,000 annually.

Why are magazines a good buy for reaching these demographics?
Magazine readers in particular are more likely to take action as a result of seeing your ad, according to the Magazine Publishers of America and magazines are the medium of choice for Influential Americans. They turn to magazines the most for making purchase decisions and recommendations.

So, if you want to influence people to use your financial services, hire your law firm, take a cruise or buy a car, use magazine advertising. See And while junk mail is tossed immediately, our magazine delivers your message in a way that is inviting and involving, and with the blessing of our bishop. We call it the halo effect!

Please call us today and reserve your space in the St. Augustine Catholic magazine. Space is a premium and fills up quickly! Call Michael Curet, advertising sales coordinator at (904) 262-3200, ext. 188 or (904) 710-8121 or email: For advertising sales support, call Christina Retzer at (904) 262-3200, ext. 108 or email:


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